WELCOME and congratulations on your decision to get healthy. This website, combined with the education, motivation and support provided by your coach provides everything you need to be successful on the challenge. Be sure to review the resources and ask your coach or ANYONE on our team if you have questions. We're all here to help you. 

To be successful on the challenge, you only need to  do ONE thing: STICK TO YOUR HABITS! 

Getting-Started Guide 

Aptly-named, this guide includes everything you need to know about the challenge BEFORE it begins. From your weekly habits to how to properly measure and take photos, this guide is invaluable to your fitness journey. Be sure to read it thoroughly and ask your coach if you have any questions. 

Food List

Whether you're a carnivore, pescatarian, vegetarian or vegan, the food list includes a variety of nutrient-dense, challenge approved foods to ensure you enjoy your meals and shed fat throughout the challenge. 



Here are some delicious juicing and smoothie recipes to try out to change things up during the 6 weeks. Juices and smoothies are convenient ways to help you get all of your proper nutrients! Plus, do not forget about Journey Juice!

Recipe Guide

The delicious, challenge-approved recipes found in the recipe guide are easy to prepare so you'll always have healthy meals prepped and ready to enjoy.  

Meal Plan Guide

Use this guide along with your food list and recipe guide to plan your meals for each day!

On the Go Guide

Sometimes, it’s not possible to prepare
and enjoy every meal at home.
But that doesn’t mean you can’t
plan ahead for when life happens.
Whether you travel for work or have
a busy social life, here are some
simple strategies for staying on


You will have the option to finish out the challenge three different ways. 
1. Do week 6 like normal. Follow the meal plan adhere to the habits.

2. Do a 3 day juice cleanse and follow the habit plan for the other four days.

3. Do a 5 day juice cleanse and follow the habit plan for the other two days. 

Journey Juice has a 3 day and a 5 day package to help you accomplish this

task. You will also get a discount, by being in our Fit Body Challenge! 

The way the 3 day works is you will drink nothing but Juice(provided by Journey Juice) for the 3 days you choose. 

The way the 5 day works is you will drink have one meal from the food list a day. Preferably protein with a lot of vegetables. And then all of your other meals will come from Journey Juice. Your one meal could be breakfast, lunch, or dinner. You decide!


Please order your juice by March 22nd!     



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