Initial Evaluation & Key to Understanding It

Use this key to understand the initial evaluation so you know what calculator and protocols to follow. 

Responding to the Initial Evaluation 


How to properly respond to challenger's initial evaluation. 

Coaching Playbook


This comprehensive guide explains EVERYTHING you need to know to run the challenge.

Responding to Weekly Check-ins

Challengers will respond to your weekly check ins through a survey form called Airtable. This  allows you to see ALL of your challengers' responses in one place so that you don't have to sort through emails to find information!  

Coaching Through the Phases

The challenge includes 4 phases. Each phase builds on the previous phase and taps into the body’s fat stores to help challengers lose fat. As soon as the body gets used to one phase, we provide a new stimulus to prevent their results from plateauing.

Intro to the Phases


This document explains the 4 phases of the challenge. Each phase builds on the previous phase and taps into the body’s fat stores to help challengers lose fat. As soon as the body gets used to one phase, we provide a new stimulus to prevent their results from plateauing.

A Closer Look at the 4 Phases

The intro to the phases document is provided on the challenger website

Phase 1 is provided on the challenger website

Phases 2, 3, and 4 are provided to challengers by their coach. 

Understanding Meal Timing

Understanding meal timing on workout and non-workout days is important to help challengers achieve optimal results. Learn more about "sandwiching." 

Understanding Free Meals 

The purpose of a free meal is to strategically increase the number of calories challengers eat, which positively impacts the hormones that control fat loss and metabolism. 


Challengers can eat a free meal every week or every other week, depending on their fitness and fat-loss goals. Read more about free meals in the Coaching Playbook. 


In total, there are 6 calculators and several health-condition and special-considerations protocols that you MAY need to use to create challengers' nutrition plan/macros. With that said, the majority of challengers will NOT require the use of special protocols. As you know, nutrition is not one-size-fits-all, which is WHY we have so many resources. Please refer to the initial evaluation key (above) to ensure you use the correct calculator and protocols for people with health conditions or special considerations. We are not medical doctors, but the calculators and protocols were created with oversight from registered dietitian nutritionists. Medical Nutrition Therapy can only be provided by physicians or registered dietitians. Do not give recommendations outside of your scope of practice. 

Standard Calculator 

The majority of challenge macros will be created using the standard calculator. However, some conditions warrant special protocols. They're listed below. 

Diabetes Type 1 & 2


Use the diabetes calculator and protocol for challengers with Type 1 or 2 diabetes or hypoglycemia. 



Breastfeeding macros keep carbs consistent throughout the day so women can produce an adequate amount of breast milk AND achieve amazing results.

Bariatric Surgery

For challengers who underwent bariatric surgery more than 12 months ago, utilize this calculator and protocol. If their surgery is within 12 months, refer them to their physician and do not provide macros.

Vegan | Vegetarian


The direct macros in foods found in the vegan/vegetarian food list are calculated differently than in the "regular" food list, so use this calculator.

All Other Conditions


Some health conditions require additional instructions and use of a special conditions calculator. Those conditions and the calculator to use are below. 


If challengers check the box next to any of the following health conditions on their initial evaluation, DO NOT PROVIDE MACROS. With their doctor's approval, they can workout, but we do not recommend they follow the nutrition plan / macros. 

  • Diverticulitis

  • ​Kidney Disease

  • ​Liver Disease

  • ​Organ transplant / donation 

  • ​Pregnant 



Important dates of the challenge

Client Tracking

A document to help you track your minimal expectation of communication with your clients.